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Peak Security Suite (PSS) is an integrated platform for managing the identity, ID and authorization data of employees, visitors and external personnel. The platform unfolds its full potential for use in the center between identity management, access management and physical access control. In this way, physical and logical security requirements can be closely interlinked.

Multifunctional company IDs and other identification media (e.g. tokens, mobile devices, electronic keys, etc.), including the associated identification technology (e.g. RFID, digital certificates, QR codes, etc.), are managed centrally in the Peak Security Suite. Standardized interfaces based on modern technologies, such as LDAP, OCSP, SCEP, PKCS JSON, XML or REST, ensure automated data exchange between all connected (sub) systems.

The platform reliably covers even complex use cases, such as those that occur with industrial property operators.

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Features of the Peak Security Suite


All parts of the Peak Security Suite can be scaled horizontally and vertically and thus optimized for any number of users. The necessary load balancing takes place automatically.


Additional standard modules or customized extensions can be added to the Peak Security Suite at any time. Maintainability and upgrade-ability of the system remain unaffected.

 Cloud enabled

The Peak Security Suitecan be operated partially or completely in a cloud infrastructure, e.g. based on Azure or AWS. Communication takes place via a secure exchange of messages.

 Integration ability

Peak Security Suite is completely REST-based. By that the entire program logic can be integrated into existing processes and applications without the need for an additional GUI.

Platform independent

Peak Security Suite is largely independent of certain system platforms. The only required runtime environment is a Docker infrastructure in which the relevant containers are started.

 Investment protection

The modular structure of the system based on microservices ensures that individual parts of the Peak Security Suite or the entire system can be quickly adapted to new IT requirements.


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What does it provide?

Administration of user identities

Within Peak Security Suite, the identities of employees, visitors and external personnel are brought together and managed centrally. Standardized, bidirectional connectors enable the synchronization of identity data with existing directory services (e.g. Active Directory, eDirectory), identity management systems (e.g. NetIQ, One Identiy Manager) and / or personnel management systems (e.g. SAP HR).

Creation of RFID badges

Peak Security Suite offers functions for the professional creation of RFID ID cards - from image acquisition and printing to coding and personalization. All common codings are supported by the system (e.g. LEGIC, LEGIC Advant, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Desfire, HDI, etc.). Hardware from different manufacturers (e.g. ID card printer, coding devices, etc.) is easily connected via the Peak Smart Bridge.

Visitor management

Peak Security Suite helps to manage complex visitor processes  in compliance with legal regulations. User-friendly functions enable, among other things, the pre-registration of visitors, their check-in at the reception as well as the production and issue of visitor badges, if necessary with individual assignment of special access and usage rights. Even the registration of multi-day and / or recurring visits as well as the administration of visitor groups is no problem for the Peak Security Suite.


With the help of cloud-enabled user self-services, employees, visitors and external staff can apply for proof of identity and authorizations. This also includes the activation of additional services, such as the use of WiFi, access to a conference room or a visit to the company canteen. In the background, workflow-based application and approval processes ensure the necessary security and compliance in the company.

Integration platform for physical access control systems

Peak Security Suite can integrate various access control systems (and electronic locking systems) across locations into one overall system. Special connectors that are precisely matched and optimized to the functions and security requirements of the respective access control systems (e.g. dormakaba, Primion, Interflex, nedap, etc.) control the synchronization and provision of room zones, authorization profiles and identity data between the connected systems. The central administration and the fully automated assignment and withdrawal of access authorizations ensure a significant reduction in processing costs.

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Management of chip cards and digital certificates (PKI)

On multifunctional ID cards (= chip cards, smart cards) there are usually digital X.509 certificates with which certain characteristics of a person can be confirmed and their authenticity and integrity can be checked using cryptographic processes. To issue such certificates, the Peak Security Suite can be connected to an existing certification authority (= CA) - such as the Microsoft PKI. The application ensures that the certificates provided are correctly applied to the ID card's smart card chip and stored securely in a certificate store (e.g. Windows Cert Store / AD). In addition, the Peak Security Suite offers a range of functions for managing smart cards and digital certificates. In addition to notification services, this includes extending, renewing and revoking certificates, resetting forgotten or blocked PINs and recovering keys.

Integration of mobile devices

As an alternative to conventional RFID and chip cards, Peak Security Suite can also manage mobile devices as a medium for storing identity and authorization credentials. Companies can take advantage of this and conveniently integrate the processes for managing the smart devices of different groups of people into the existing physical and logical security systems.

Lifecycle management for ID media

The life cycle of identities and ID media includes, for example, the initial creation, personalization and issuing of ID cards, the provision of digital certificates and tokens, the handling of replacement cards, the blocking, renewal and withdrawal of login information and much more. Peak Security Suite ensures that all phases in the life cycle are managed reliably compliant.

Workflows and rule-based processing

Within Peak Security Suite, customizable workflows and rules ensure that all the necessary process steps for applying, approving and provisioning of identity and authorizations credentials are seamlessly integrated and implemented across systems. This also includes the automatic consideration of approval requirements already in the application process (e.g. security and reliability checks, training courses, instructions, comparison with black and prohibited lists, etc.) as well as the monitoring of deadlines and dates. With the help of the workflow editor and designer, the existing workflows can be adapted or expanded at any time.

Wallet/Passbook for managing QR codes

A wallet / passbook can act as a digital ID in the visitor management of Peak Security Suite. On the one hand, like a digital boarding pass it shows the user o the date, time, contact person and location of his visit. A park lot, for example, can also be entered as the location in order to guide the visitor efficiently. On the other hand, the QR code in the wallet / passbook enables the visitor to be automatically identified by reception. If the technical basics are given, the QR code can also be used for physical access.

Contractor management

External companies can independently register their employees via the Peak Security Suite and maintain their data. For this, the respective company receives one or more user accounts with limited administrative rights. For example, it is possible to apply for a service provider ID with special authorizations, which is then approved and produced via Peak Security Suite. A function analogous to visitor registration is also available for short-term assignments. An external company is created using a special onboarding process.


A comprehensive catalog of evaluations relating to the managed identities, ID media and authorizations is already integrated in the Peak Security Suite. Further reports can be supplemented and adapted if necessary.

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